Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gossip Girl celebrates 100th episode!

For those who know me, I am a big Gossip Girl fan and have been religiously watching the show. From the Dan and Serena love fiasco in season 1 to Blair and Chuck's love hate relationship throughout - I have been gripped. With yesterday celebrating the 100th episode of GG, I felt it deserved a special post. For those who do not watch Gossip Girl, it is a gripping drama based on families growing up within New York but living two totally different lives. Those who enjoy the finer things aka teens living off life long trust funds residing in the Upper East Side, Manhatten, and those who prefer the simple take in life living in Brooklyn. We are shown what happens when these two worlds meet and the tangles, complications and secrets that come with it. The writers have done a brilliant job in keeping viewers engaged and certainly left gasping at the end of nearly every episode. 

My main focus for this post has to be on the current situation of the most talked about couple in the show, Blair and Chuck, in approach to Blair and Louis's big wedding day in the 100th episode. I for one have been rooting for Blair and chuck since the beginning but their "relationship" has started to turn from a modern day Romeo and Juliet to something that resembles a Tom and jerry cat and mouse chase. Don't get me wrong, i want them to get together just as much but hasn't this love pentagon (blair, chuck, louis, dan, serena) been going on for just too long now?

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Catching up on the new episodes recently, I really do not understand why Louis has taken Blair back with open arms after she attempted to elope with Chuck in the mid season finale? Yet he now has a problem with her apparently having an affair with Dan?! If he had not taken her back, surely this would've meant Blair and Chuck getting together FINALLY... but no, Louis remains to stay a fool and watch his wife-to-be lust over another man.  Or whilst Blair being the believer of signs and God, we all know that her and Louis's baby was the only thing keeping them together, so surely the miscarriage was actually a sign that they shouldn't get married and there's now nothing holding her back?! I guess there are two sides to every story... I would just like Blair and Chuck to finally get together though where does that leave GG writers? Just mundane storylines aka Nate falling hopelessly in love yet again and being taken for a fool, yet again? Who knows but one thing is for sure, Gossip Girl writers do keep us guessing and I cannot wait to see the 100th episode! Apparently with a massive surprise.. I'm excited to see what's in store!

Will report back once watched, in the mean time, you know you love me.. xoxo

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