Sunday, 26 February 2012

A cheeky Made in Chelsea spot

I've been meaning to post for a while but i've had a lot going on the past few weeks (which i'm sure will be vented on this soon) but i had to do a special post on this:

A few weeks back (9th & 10th February 2012), it's a casual day at work and Amy discovers that some of the Made in Chelsea cast are filming at the McQueens bar which is very close to my work. Being big MIC fans, we had to go and take a look (as you do) and managed to spot Jamie, Caggie and Proudlock. Despite being ever so excited, we attempted to keep our cool and casually walked straight past Jamie as he had a cigerette outside. Once we got back to the office and got everyone excited (no, really!) we regretted not speaking to him so I tweeted him to let him know we had seen him where he then tweeted us back to come back outside for a photo (the power and love for social media!). Getting all giddy and actually being encouraged by our line manager to go back, we went and managed to have a lovely chat with the man himself. I can confirm he is as crazy and lovely (maybe a bit too orange) as he appears on the show. I am in love! I also couldn't believe it when i found out the next morning that Hugo and co were there for their part and anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter would know that i do have just a slight soft spot for Mr Taylor! I actually managed to spot Hugo as i went for lunch (no, it wasn't planned i promise!) and went over for a chat. I must say, I was a little disappointed. He is as gorgeous and "smooth" as he seems on TV but he wasn't as lovely as Mr. Laing! Nevertheless, it was great meeting them and i'm now Team Jamie more than ever. Plus i musn't forget to mention, this story has managed to get into the office's weekly magazine, photos were in the staff room plus announced by the MD in our weekly sales meeting - my 15 minutes of fame?

Cannot wait for season 3 to begin, in the mean time, here is a photo of Jamie (the one of me with Hugo is too hideous to post, sorry!).

Lots of love xoxo

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gossip Girl's 100th Episode: My thoughts

Have you had a chance to watch Gossip Girl's 100th episode yet? I must say I was pretty impressed with the overall episode. For starters the ceremony was beautiful and Blair looked amazing. I do think Serena looked better but hasn't this always been the case? S outdoes B? Though I've always said Blair looked her best in season 1, if you look back, you'll notice her styling and make up has toned down and “matured” which is a shame over the seasons.

image from

Anyway for those who have seen it (spoiler alert for those who haven't) I was thrilled when Eleanor Waldorf went to save Blair’s happiness and get Chuck to stop the wedding, we finally got to see a maternal side to Eleanor because it’s always been obvious that Dorota has been more of a mother to Blair. I was especially excited to see Georgina back. The number of 'villains' they've had throughout, no one has compared to the Georgina vs Rest of GG showdowns. Also I cannot think of anybody else better to be Gossip Girl than Georgina, makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Speaking of old characters returning, it would be nice to see Carter Bassan make a return. He’s always been one for some drama…

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Even though I was upset when Louis showed his new cunning, brainwashed-by-his-mother views, it was good to finally see that he has some backbone (I still don't understand why he didn't act like this when Blair initially tried to elope with Chuck but that can remain one of the many mysteries...) When Blair found her opportunity to run (thank god) I didn't think she had called Chuck (until they showed him calling his car, then some hope lingered...) Dan’s her best friend and despite what he feels for her she's made her feelings clear. Something really big will have to happen for her to break her pact with God to get back with Chuck but I genuinely do not think GG writers will conjure up a D and B relationship from this! I for one cannot wait for next weeks’ episode to watch the aftermath of our favourite runaway bride.. .

Lastly, Nate falling hopelessly in love with another girl?! I guess it was only fair to add it in to the 100th episode. At least there's a twist; mystery girl is the one and only real Charlie Rhodes! This will be interesting! Disappointed that Chuck and Blair didn’t get together even now,  GG writers have still managed to leave us all guessing and hooked till the next episode!

Already excited for next week’s episode! Until then.. You know you love me, xoxo